The Cure to Dental Practitioners’ Headaches


There is a lot more to running a dental clinic smoothly and efficiently than just having a sound knowledge of the tooth. The clinic needs to be marketed to potential customers, its expenses and income need to be recorded, the right employees need to be recruited so that the patients are satisfied with the service they receive, the technology they use has to be kept up-to-date with the latest market trends, and lastly, all practices undertaken by the clinic have to be made compliant with government regulations.


As you can see, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to any health service, and dental clinic owners, in particular, do require help in managing the non-technical aspects of running a successful dental practice. Visit their profile on Facebook.


Enter MB2 Dental Solutions, an organization that provides consulting services regarding all of these surrounding issues and much more to clinics in several states ranging from Texas to Alaska. Benefiting more than 70 dental clinics across the United States with its expert advice and training, MB2 Dental Solutions believes that doctors can achieve a lot more by working together. It demonstrates this belief by holding annual recruitment events at various dental colleges, such as the well-reputed Texas A&M College of Dentistry, in which aspiring dentists get an opportunity to meet experienced doctors and practice owners in the industry and glean some of their wisdom. The core aims behind organizing such drives, according to MB2 CEO Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, are to create bonds and new relationships with doctors of different specializations while MB2 Dental handles the education of students in the dental field, by also introducing them to the industry.


MB2’s mission statement acknowledges that the nonclinical facets of managing a dental practice can be confusing, therefore making the organization’s purpose of serving such needs of practice owners by providing consulting services and setting up personalized systems one that reveals the entrepreneurial spirit that MB2 wishes to foster amongst future and current dentists. Indeed, Dr. Villanueva once stated how they showed students in the dental area that there are additional options in the field other than just being a part of another professional’s corporation.


The idea for MB2 Dental Solutions really solved many of the problems that modern dentists face when they want to have their own clinics and identity, while also not having to deal with all of the tough administrative work that comes from developing your own business.


MB2 Dental Solutions holds 4 essential qualities close to its heart, which are of excellence in the work it does and help it provides to dental entrepreneurs, promoting teamwork amongst its employees to put the best foot forward, integrity in its dealings with workers as well as clients and innovation in the methods and technologies it employs to help dental practices across the country reach their full potential. So the work MB2 does basically helps you, as a dentist, focus solely on ensuring your patients receive the best care and treatment for all of their tooth problems, with MB2 Dental Solutions taking care of the rest.


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