Jason Hope’s Inventive Approach to Business

Succeeding as an entrepreneur can be one of the hardest things that you do in the world of business. Entrepreneurs have to be possessed of adventurous spirit, the ability to walk their own path, and the confidence to withstand all of the setbacks that come their way — and there certainly are many of them. Jason Hope has made a career out of being an entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist and futurist. These many different titles are not just filler for his business card, they are instead well earned traits that have made him the success that he is today.


Jason Hope is the founder of Jawa, a mobile communications company that focuses on bridging the gap between customers and the business that operate on their mobile devices. Luckily enough Hope found success with Jawa right out of the gate and that has allowed him to open up more and become a bigger investor in a variety of other businesses. Hope says, “Now I make a living from my portfolio of investments.” Hope knows that smart entrepreneurs know how to make their business work harder for them, not the other way around. That line of thinking brings Hope to back one of the greatest new enterprises in the tech field: the Internet of Things.


The Internet of Things is a burgeoning field of technology that seeks to connect customers and their technology to the internet. Think of smart watches or smart cars. The Internet of Things takes this concept one step further and insists that eventually our entire world is going to be connected by the internet. Hope thinks that this is the next great industry and that it is definitely worth getting involved in sooner than later.

While Hope has had an immense amount of success during his time in the industry one of the key components to continued success is his own self doubt. As an entrepreneur you have to always use your skepticism when looking at new technology or business opportunities, but it must never bleed into your own work. Hope says, “While doubt cripples most, I use it to fuel my passion for change.”


Jason Hope Info : https://ideamensch.com/jason-hope/

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