Tips on how to throw a party from the experts


When you want to host a party in New York, you have to ensure that it is on top of its game. This is because most of the world’s greatest parties have been hosted here. Most Event planning companies in NYC have embraced the thought and go out of their way to give you an excellent party.


Event planning companies manage to get top notch parties because:

  • They are organized. They write down every nitty gritty that needs to be catered to and allocate the necessary resources to accomplish the planning.
  • They set themes and track down dates before they start purchasing and sending out invites. They create tangible invites that will make you want to attend the party.
  • Depending on the type of party, they set aside an area where people can serve and mix their own drinks and even throw in special cocktails, this ensures that every guest is taking a drink of their choice and this way the guests are always entertained.
  • Creating simple bitings that are not messy is also a plus instead of a full three-course meal. This helps in the mingling of guests as they can easily move about with a simple biting as opposed to a full dinner plate.
  • If kids are to attend the function, they make sure they have a section set aside for them.
  • They Keep their décor and table settings as simple as possible. Colored napkins or simple décor are thrown in to add life to the party.
  • They also throw in thank you notes or gifts for your guests to show appreciation for attendance.


Twenty Three Layers is a firm that focusses on planning and designing events. They are well known energetic and unique personal and corporate event planners in NYC. Their attention to detail and level of perfection will awe you. They have created strong relationships through their work in advising, planning, and implementation of parties.


They are well rounded and focus on personal and corporate events planning, entertainment, décor, and food. They basically let you attend your own function by catering to all your event needs. Twenty Three Layers is an organized and reliable firm that will give you value for your money and make you the talk of the town for a great party.

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