More About The Texas Bankers Association’s Conference

John Holt is the President as well as CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc. He was one of the panelists at the Texas Bankers Association’s Conference that was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. This was the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities as well as M&A Conference of this Association.


Holt was a part of the discussion done by the Banker Panel on “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” This discussion was held on November 7, 2016.


Basically, this Annual Strategic Opportunities, as well as M&A Conference, can be considered as a forum where bank leaders and advisors along with consultants get together in order to share their perspectives on various opportunities as well as challenges being faced by the community bank leaders. On this forum, these panelists along with the participants explore a number of strategic opportunities through the M & A activity. Other avenues being considered include organic growth along with branching.


NexBank Capital, Inc. has been serving its clients through the core businesses being provided by this financial services company. These core businesses are namely, Commercial Banking, besides Mortgage Banking as well as Institutional Services. In fact, NexBank has been providing highly customized financial as well as banking services. These are provided primarily to their institutional clients, and financial institutions, along with the corporations nationwide. Besides, it is also a member of the FDIC.


Through its commercial lending business, NexBank provides a wide range of customized products and personalized services to institutions, corporations as well as small businesses. Their professionals work with the clients in order to understand their specific requirements. Accordingly, they would structure financing in a way that would be able to accommodate their immediate or even their long-term needs of capital investment.


In this way, NexBank is able to offer a substantial capital base along with proper advice besides flexible financing options so that clients can respond to opportunities.

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