Heavy Metal Drummer Cassio Audi Becomes A Leading Brazilian Investor

In the nation of Brazil, heavy metal has been a major part of the culture since the early 1980s when the influx of British New Wave bands made their way to the nation after the fall of the Brazilian dictatorship. One of those who was heavily influenced by the huge number of British heavy metal bands was Cassio Audi as he discovered the thrilling excitement of this new era in musical history; in the city of Sao Paulo, Cassio Audi joined together with four friends to create the band, Viper, which remains a major touring and recording band in Brazil and across the planet.

The bid for the musical success of Cassio Audi saw him replicate many of the rhythms and sounds of the legendary drummers who have played with British band, Iron Maiden. It is fair to say the founding members of Viper have all played an important role in the creation of the sound of the band which has included a major early replication of the sounds created by British heavy metal bands in the late 1970s and early 1980s; Cassio Audi enjoyed a great amount of success in 1985 when he and his fellow Viper members recorded their first home recordings, “The Killera Sword”.

In 1987, Viper had become so successful as a leading underground band they were signed to the Rock Brigade label and given studio time to create their first album. The release of the album, “Soldiers of Sunrise” came after a week-long recording process seeing Cassio Audi praised by critics for his musical skill. Despite the success achieved in the first four years of Viper, Cassio Audi felt his future lay elsewhere and embarked upon a period of education leading to the launch of a career in the financial industry ongoing for the former drummer in the 21st-century.

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