Eli Gershkovitch Keeps Craft Beer Uncompromised

For many decades, beer consumers in North America were hooked on the domestic products created in mass quantities for a low cost. In Canada in particular, the consumption of domestic mainstream beer was due in large part to a simple lack of choices within the country. However, approximately around 1982 the first craft beer appeared in Canada and the industry has grown ever since.


The craft beer genesis in Canada started at pubs, predominantly by fans of British-style ales that had more complexity to the taste and a fuller body. In a matter of years, craft beer’s exposure in Canada caught on and led to the first full microbrewery opening in 1984. Overall growth of craft beer options was slow during the latter part of the 1980’s, but a massive expansion of the industry occurred during the 1990’s and beyond.


An influential businessman and hobbyist carrying on this newer craft beer trend in Canada is Eli Gershkovitch, the CEO of Steamworks Brewing Company. Eli Gershkovitch is somewhat of a renaissance man, as his time has also been spent working as an attorney and an airplane pilot. His demeanor is also uncommon for a business leader and he is much more likely to sit down and have a beer with the everyday working man.



Steamworks is a microbrewery by definition, because it focuses on creating smaller batches of beer with higher quality ingredients and taste. However, the company’s direction under the guidance of Eli Gershkovitch is focused on keeping the price of these beers relatively low. The result is a superior product in a very competitive market that gives beer drinkers quality without a massive hit on their wallets.


Eli Gershkovitch understands that demand for craft beer has increased. For this reason, he decided to expand the pub where the brewery got its start in 1995. At the present time, Eli Gershkovitch has made the Steamworks pub large to fit over four times the capacity it originally had (LinkedIn). The Steamworks Brewing Company is a fitting reflection of how Eli Gershkovitch views his lifestyle, by seeking new avenues without compromising one’s true identity.


More at http://www.ottawacitizen.com/business/Steamworks+founder+Gershkovitch+echoed+firm+theme+Stanley+Steamer+from+vintage+automobile+collection/9952459/story.html

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