Dr. Avi Weisfogel journey to finding treatment for sleep apnea


So many dentists have not accomplished what Avi Weisfogel had accomplished in his career. His so many accomplishments are what so many people consider as the monumental accomplishment. He studied at the University of Rutgers where he attained the BA in biology and psychology. In the University of New York of dentistry, he achieved the DDC. With the two certificates, Avi Weisfogel becomes a dentist, and he was now known as Dr. Weisfogel. Though while still performing his duties he always felt that something was missing. Still, he ensured that his dental practice was one of the best in the next fifteen years. His dentist firm was one of the best in New Jersey, and he got so many rewards as one of the best dentists.

During this time he decided that he wanted a change and Dr. Avi Weisfogel was not passionate about dentistry anymore. Weisfogel switched his interest in another thing that was often overlooked. While doing his duty as a dentist he had witnessed how so many of his patient suffered from a sleeping disorder, and his next mission was to find a way to help. He started his research on sleep apnea and any other sleeping disorder. The first thing that he did was take courses that taught of ways that people with the sleeping disorder can be helped. Sleep medicine became the passion that he was searching.

Weisfogel study took him two years, and he spent a fortune. In 2010, he opened up a company that was called Healthy Heart Sleep. Weisfogel did not work alone in this company, but he worked with the best physician all over the world. He advised the physicians on how it was important that they managed a sleep lad in each state.

Though he was still assisting those that suffered from sleep apnea. During 2012, Weisfogel came up with something that was called owner unlimited sleep patient. His motive was that he would educate the dentist and share some of the ideas he has learned on how they would increase and help sleep patients. He was giving the knowledge that most people didn’t know about the sleep apnea, and sleep apnea is so common because it will affect ten percent of the population.https://www.dialdish.com/dr-avi-weisfogel-treats-sleep-apnea-with-dentistry/

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