USHEALTH Group Continues to Dominate the Texas Health Insurance Market

 Ascent Assurance was renamed USHEALTH Group in March 2005. The company was founded in 1982 in Fort Worth, Texas. The headquarters of USHEALTH Group is in Dallas, Texas. USHEALTH Group is a family of health insurance companies that offer quality services to its clients. They cover a wide range of areas including dental covers, life assurance, disability insurance, critical illness, and sickness. The main mission of USHEALTH Group is helping other people every day (HOPE). This is a commitment by all the agents of USHEALTH Advisors. USHEALTH Group is affordable and reliable, offering a variety of customized medical cover options to choose from. The company has over fifty years’ experience with a big clientele base of more than fifteen million.

The chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge, remarks that they are pleased with the impact and recognition that they have made in the society and are grateful for the business award. To the organization, it is a constant reminder that excellence is earned. In 2017, USHEALTH Group received the Gold winner award at the CEO world awards. USHEALTH Group was named as the 2013 Top 50 North American call center. The company has built a remarkable customer service reputation that other firms in the insurance field envy.

USHEALTH Group sells its products through the agents who are trained and well equipped with the required knowledge and skills to do the job. All customers of USHEALTH Group get an exceptional treatment at the company as the agents take them through all the products and advise them on the best cover to select from. All USHEALTH advisors meet laid down certification and training standards before getting authorization to serve the company’s clients. USHEALTH Group is committed to the personal attention of all customers, and it has been recognized as a business leader in customer care.

The company appreciates that all customers are unique and they have different needs. The clients, who are mainly business owners, families, and individuals, are served according to their requirements and specifications. USHEALTH Group does not take the one fit for all approach, but instead, it has different plans for the customers to select. They have developed a broad portfolio of products from the most affordable to the most expensive. They offer first dollar coverage for the clients who are on a limited budget. This is more cost-effective in comparison to a comprehensive plan.

USHEALTH Group takes note that the health insurance field has a high customer turnout, but it does not translate to customer loyalty. Consequently, they are focused on building long-term relationships with the customers and earning their trust. The company also has a presence on various social media sites where it markets its services including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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