Fabletics Reverse Parking into Amazons Market Slot

When Don Ressler approached Kate Hudson for a business co-ownership and partnership three years ago, no one knew she would be the driving force behind a brand that would shake up the fashion e-commerce industry and challenge established businesses like amazon, eating into their market shares in just 3 years.




A musician with no business background, Kate Hudson’s role in helping Fabletics develop suitable cloth styles and designs that fit the wants of female fitness enthusiasts who want to remain classy while working out. Her strong connection with Fabletics online membership community has ensured that the brand has adequate customer feedback to keep on giving exactly what the market asks for, this has been a strong point in Fabletics new marketing strategies that relies more on their customers online reviews of the products than conventional marketing practices.


Reverse show room and Amazon


Three years ago, if you would have told Amazon executives that a business startup would challenge their 20% market share in fashions e-commerce segment, they would have probably laughed it off as a big dream based on wishful thinking and magic. Today they would take you more seriously. Fabletics, a non -starter 3 years ago, has grown to be a $250 million business empire within three years, eating into amazon’s market share with their revolutionary reverse show room techniques. In the past, the definition of a high value brand, product or service, would have been in terms of cost incurred to purchase it and the quality of the service delivery or the good. Consumers paid highly for quality products and service provision, after all,cheap is expensive; or was, back then. That was before Kate and Fabletics spoilt the party.


How does the reverse showroom work?


The idea behind a reverse showroom is to first get to know who the customer is, not just general demographics, get to know what exactly she wants, and finally, make her happy. Fabletics perfected the art of offering exclusive customer designs,brand recognition and a customer experience had to forget. This they did while offering the same product at half the competitors selling price. Think owning a genuine Rolex at half the price. Their innovative customer experience includes a lifestyle quiz before you get down to sampling what they have, the lifestyle quiz, which you can take here (https://www.fabletics.com/how-it-works ) helps determine what Fabletics wear best suits your taste, and for only $50 a month, you join a VIP membership that allows you to enjoy discounts in all your purchases.




Fabletics will be having more stores opened this year, adding to their already existing 16 stores open in Florida, Hawaii and states of Illinois and California. Maybe Amazon should visit and borrow a leaf.

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