Bob Reina’s Drive For Technology And Supporting Humane Societies

There’s not a lot of money flowing into animal rescue operations and affordable cost medical services for them, but when they need a little extra cash to keep their services going, men like entrepreneur Bob Reina are sometimes happy to lend a hand. According to the Tampa Humane Society which provides shelter for animals in trouble, Reina has donated $1 million to keep their facility running and even make new additions. Reina focuses much of his time on the company he grew from his own home known as Talk Fusion, but in his spare time he has fun with his own pets and helps organizations like the Tampa Humane Society.


Bob Reina actually was a deputy for the Hillsborough County Sheriff years ago. He had chosen law enforcement because he wanted to keep people safe, but after so many years of doing the job it began to take a toll on him and he wanted something else. While searching for the right business opportunity to support himself with, he came across a random idea while traveling to make sending videos as emails possible because it wasn’t at the time ( And with the help of his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen, he had an application built that could do just that. He quickly decided to monetize on it, and that was how Talk Fusion began.


Bob Reina didn’t just want to sell his video email program for himself. He believed he could help others make money by reselling it, so he brought the multilevel marketing model to Talk Fusion and with that began the associates program. Not only can associates make commissions reselling Talk Fusion’s products, but they can also earn rewards doing so and also by referring others to the program. Bob Reina has added live video chat to the Talk Fusion program bundle, and over the years he’s won awards for it from the Technology Marketing Corporation. Reina doesn’t just sell his products to businesses, he has many customers who buy for personal use, and he’s even included 30-day free trials for them. Reina also is a writer for the HuffPost and s few other publications.


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