George Soros And The Vision To Change The Society

There are many people today who find brave means to abjure from ideologies that they consider harmful. For the most part of these people, they think that if they keep silent on the issues that bother them, there could be disastrous effects to them personally or to the society they live in. One of these courageous people is George Soros, the iconic stockbroker who earned billions of dollars from a highly improbable event that he invested in. In this article, we will try to explain to you the reasons why he gave away billions of dollars for an advocacy. Let’s get right onto it.


The Capitalist Threat

In a comprehensive article in The Atlantic that George Soros wrote himself, he mentioned some of the troubles that he thinks have been plaguing the world. One of those issues is manipulation of truth by oppressive totalitarian regimes. A totalitarian regime, George Soros describes, chokes up the people’s ability to find out the truths for themselves. These oppressive regimes find it hard to encourage people to find diversity in their lives, which leads to lethal consequences.


In the comprehensive article that George wrote, he indicated there that there are so many underlying factors that one needs to consider when advocating for a new change in the society. He focused, however, in creating a foundation that will help actively promote open societies in the world. George also maintains the position that Communism is one of the most oppressive societies in the industry today. With his donations to Open Society, George Soros hopes that he can encourage a more open society that doesn’t use science as a scapegoat for an oppressive regime. He also mentioned in the article how his mentor Karl Popper described the fact that Marxism can’t be quantified into science because it’s highly unfalsifiable. There’s also a lot of issues in the article that George Soros wanted to always be to the fore of economic discussion in the world. With his Open Society Foundation, he has a more veritable chance of achieving such goal.


George Soros Philanthropy

Other than Open Society, George Soros has also been active in a lot of social change advocacies. All of these advocacies try to focus on improving the society by promoting diversity in people’s approach to truth. As a result, George Soros has been able to donate most of his net worth to charity organizations that promote democratic ideals, which include humanitarian efforts, education, and policy reform. It is with this mindset that George Soros has donated money to and the renowned charity organization American Bridge 21st Century.


There’s also a lot of humanitarian projects under the name of George Soros. In fact, during and after the Yugoslavian wars, the efforts of George Soros truly made a magnificent improvement in the lives of the affected people. Generally speaking, Soros also found a way to contribute a lot of millions of dollars to make sure that LGBT communities and Persons With Disabilities get the support that they truly deserve.


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