Finding The Educational Balance With Rocketship Education

When it comes to education, everybody wants their children to receive the best. However, some may not afford it which has led to the emergence of charter schools. Rocketship Schools is an example of the charter schools already making a difference. The Rocketship Education is not-for-profit and mainly targets the low-income earners.


Remarkably, Rocketship targets in bringing the parents, children, and teachers together towards the growth of the school children. It seeks to fill in the gaps that affect a child’s mental stability towards performing well.


For Rocketship, the focus is not only the child but also on educating the parent on the curriculum and their importance in involving themselves in their child’s life for personal development. Dubbed as community schools, they educate their students in a way that gets them to see how to overcome challenges as a community.


Most mainstream schools have incorporated some of the Rocketship’s system which is a sign of its growing popularity. Their model puts in a significant emphasis on a home-school link. It is the duty of the teachers or leaders to visit the students’ home at the beginning as they learn more about each student and their system.


A great demonstration of the unique model this education has is that Rocketship Education does not only help the students but help their parents too. In cases of a crisis like floods, they step in and help the families. For example, a certain family interviewed after flooding from the Coyote Creek whose child was under Rocketship Education received help from them. The system raised about $62,000 and helped the affected communities. About 30 families got help and were not homeless because they received support.


Rocketship was founded in 2006 with the aim of closing in on the achievement gap through their model. Preston Smith is the Co-Founder as well as the CEO of this movement. Their objective is pushing equity towards public education. There is no limitation to who should attend the school regardless of their race or ethnicity. What parents get here is the commitment from the institution which has increased the bond between all parties.

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