How Perry Mandera Works To Make The Community Better In The Chicago Area

Having learned all about driving trucks while serving in the Marines, Perry Mandera took that experience into the world of private business. He worked for a number of different firms in the transportation industry for a few years but he dreamed of starting his own company. In 1980, when he was just 23 years old, Perry Mandera successfully launched his first company. He sold this business in 1985 to another one because he was very busy serving for four years as the 26th Ward Committeeman of Chicago.


While still serving in his political role, Perry Mandera started a new company in the transportation sector, The Custom Companies, Inc. Today it is a national company that has hundreds of people working for it (BlogWebpedia). He offers a full-service package transportation service where his customers can track their package from the moment it leaves their hands to the moment it is delivered to its destination, in real-time.


Perry Mandera is always looking to make a positive impact in the state of Illinois in which he lives. He volunteers his time, such as for youth sports, and also financially gives to a wide range of charities ( One of the nonprofits that Perry Mandera supports with his time, money, and business acumen is the Jesse White Tumblers. He has a seat as one of this organizations board of directors. This charity looks to be a positive influence in the lives of children who live in the inner-city of Chicago, which can be a dangerous place for children. They have programs to keep kids from joining gangs, for example. The also inspire them to stay in school and say no to both drugs and alcohol.


Among the many other charities that Perry Mandera supports is the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. Perry Mandera says that this nonprofit is really important to him because it protects vulnerable people. Perry Mandera supports its mission to lift people up through activities such as toy drives, donating school supplies to families with children, and other great ways of supporting the community.




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