Jorge Moll: Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist working for the D’Or Institute, which is a research and education facility located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He is serving as the institute’s director of the board, and he is also working as one of the senior researchers in the research facility. Because of his hard work and perseverance, Jorge Moll was promoted to become the head of the department of the research facility which specializes in cognitive neuroscience ( He is known to collaborate some of his research with other scientists, and one of the most prominent studies he conducted was about altruism and how the brain affects it. He worked with other neuroscientists like Jordan Grafman, and what they found out is remarkable, and they even published it for the scientific community to see.


Jorge Moll was awarded several times because of his groundbreaking research. From the years 2004 to 2007, Jorge Moll was a recipient of the Research Fellow NIH award. A year later in 2008, he became one of the members of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, a prominent group in the country which invites scientists who have contributed significantly to the field of science so that they can work together for the benefit of the public. Jorge Moll also became the head of the International Neuroethics Society, and he led the organization into different changes and revolutionary research. He continues to receive various awards and recognition because of the research that he made. His dedication to discovering new things has rewarded him big time, and many scientists around the world are relying on his findings to support something that would become beneficial to the medical field.


Today, Jorge Moll continues to work on his research (RedeD’OrSaoLuiz). He stated that he would never stop until he finds out all of the secrets of the human brain. He was fascinated with how it works, and he is intrigued as to what will happen if humans would make use of its brain that is in full power. Jorge Moll added that these studies would make it possible for men to unlock new achievements once all of the mysteries have been uncovered.




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