Stream Energy is America’s Number One Direct Selling Company

The year 2017 was a good one for Stream Energy. This company experienced positive growth during that year and it also helped victims in the aftermath of the Hurricane Harvey Storm. Stream Energy also won the DSA award in 2017. This is the Direct Selling Association award that is given to the largest direct selling company in America (BBB). Stream Energy did an outstanding job in terms of profit in the year 2017.


Stream Energy is officially known as Stream. However, the moniker Stream Energy is used interchangeably, since so many people remember this name. This company was created in 2005. It operates through a direct selling format. Associates sign up customers and some of these customers influence other people to join.


The employees who work for this company gets a commission every time one of the people they signed up gets another person to purchase a product from their company. Ultimately, direct selling allows people to make money through their sales and off the sales of other people who they recruit to sell products underneath them. This type of business process is called MLM or multi-level marketing.


When Stream won the DSA award, it was their fourth year in a row claiming this honor ( This organization was able to take the DSA because they have a lot offer in terms of services and products. First, Stream is an energy reducing company. In other words, people who sign up for their services can make money off their energy bills.


Many customers could receive a 2% – 10% reduction on their electricity bill with Stream. While this company focuses primarily on the energy reduction services, they also sell products such wireless services for mobile phone users. They have plans in place that range from $25 to $130. Talk, text, and data are included on most plans.


Stream also sells home security systems which help to protect families and their property. This company even provides health services for sale which is unusual for an energy-focused corporation. All of these great services help Stream to maintain its position as the number one DSA in America.

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