OSI Industries, Food Processing Company

OSI Industries, a food processing company who produces meat products like sausage and bacon and other food products for the food service industry has recently acquired a new plant in Chicago, Illinois for a reported seven million four hundred thousand dollars from Tyson Foods. When Tyson Foods shun down the plant the expectation was that the four hundred and eighty jobs would be lost, but with the acquisition from OSI Industries, many jobs were saved and brought over to OSI Industries. Since OSI Industries does not disclose information about its products or customers it is hard to tell the total number of jobs saved, but one thing is for certain, many of those employees are very thankful to be keeping a job.

The new plant will help OSI Industries meet the needs of its customers and will continue to allow OSI Industries to expand its ever growing network. With over sixty plants globally, you can really get a since of the companies reach.

Another of OSI Industries acquisitions is Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe supplies frozen poultry, sauces and pies among other things to the UK food service market. This acquisition by OSI Industries of Flagship Europe is a great new phase of expansion, with new resources and a larger client base will expand Flagship Europe in the marketplace.

Adding Flagship Europe to OSI Industry also has the added benefit of expanding the OSI Industry presence in Europe. The companies products compliments OSI Industries processing strength which it has acquired over the last sixty years of its operations. Ironically Flagship Europe had recently purchased Cadler Foods which produces sandwich fillings, sauces, and mayonnaise and further enhances OSI Industries.

For a more internal look at OSI Industries customers have described the company as motivated and results oriented. Hiring passionate and talented individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. The company offers challenges and teamwork to deliver high quality products and services to its customers. OSI Industries is a company that believes that the difference in success and failure can be a single person and that every person can make a difference and an impact in the company. This is why the employees see the company as a great place to work.

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