Glen Wakeman, Helping Entrepreneurs Create Successful Businesses

Glen Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC with over 20 years experience in the financial industry. He graduated from the University of Chicago, receiving his Master of Business Administration in Finance. Glen Wakeman has helped several start-up companies and has a highly regarded reputation as a mentor. He uses his official website to blog about transforming businesses, international issues, strategies, emerging markets and leadership skills. It provides entrepreneurs with a platform to motivate employees, share their successes and help others discover their potential. His goal is to teach his peers how to become true leaders.



Prior to LaunchPad Holdings, he founded Nova Four, which offers financial guidance. Glen Wakeman has helped companies succeed in over six different countries. He created his business planning software that includes a toolkit filled with tips to help you achieve your goals.


Growing a successful business no matter how big or small is a huge gamble. It is important for all entrepreneurs to have risk management strategies in place. Your decisions early on will determine the failure or success of your business. Glen Wakemans software and guidance can help you navigate through alternative paths if you have made the wrong business decision. He can help you evaluate the pros and cons and create a new business plan or concept. Decision should never be made quickly when it comes to anything related to your business.


Glen Wakeman can help any serious entrepreneur prevent risks that can impact their business negatively. Together, you can set a plan into motion and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. He typically starts his day reviewing the previous day’s calculations (Crunchbase). After his in-depth studies, he works with his business staff to come up with solutions. LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, and its software can help you implement your plan. Glen believes maintaining lasting connections with colleagues and customers is the key to your success as an entrepreneur (




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