Aloha Construction Exceeds The Roofing & Siding Industry

Thousands of people face the threat of extreme weather conditions especially in the winter causing your roofing and siding to need work done by a professional. There is only one local company with over 50+ years of expertise in home improvement and maintenance. Based in Wisconsin, the Aloha Construction corporation is family owned and offers great pricing options giving you the freedom of getting your home repairs when you need them. Their licensed and professional technicians give you the flexibility of getting the home repairs you need today and take control with in-house financing options with reasonable bi-weekly or monthly payments.


Who Is Aloha Construction


Aloha Construction is headquartered in Wisconsin, but also has offices in Illinois. This means they’re able to service a broad area of clients. They operate in the areas that are hardest hit by inclement weather with an affordable solution for roofing and siding. You’ll receive extensive customer support, a free consultation, and their techs are always licensed, bonded, and insured to protect their customers from assuming any liability from home improvement done on your property. During a storm they reign supreme for all of your roofing and siding needs. They can also help you with repair work after you’ve had to file an insurance claim.




Your roof is important to the temperament of your home and should always be checked after heavy snow for leaks. In fact, leaks in your roof fan quickly contribute to structural damage and create an entry way into your home for rodents. Their roofing specialist have upgraded material and can maintenance your entire roof with asphalt or ceder clay. They can work on a flat or customized roof area with the top materials.




You should always ensure your siding is in tact because it can affect the appearance of your home. They offer siding in several different colors and styles to meet your needs. Of course, when you’re siding is not properly maintained it can increase your energy cost and lower the value of your home.


You’re invited to visit the Aloha Construction website for more details on a free consultation today.


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