A Global Leader In The Insurance Industry


US Health Advisors is a great company to be partnered up with. Agents are supplied with the tools they need to excel. They have a great support team set in place so you never feel left in the dark. US Health Advisors agents are given world class training to ensure they are ahead of the game. Agents are encouraged to advance their careers by growing within the company. Being an agent at US Health Advisors means you are taking charge of your future. Agents help individuals, small business owners, and self-employed professionals access a wide array of affordable healthcare. Follow USHealth Advisor on Twitter

US Health Advisors agents are paid quite well. The average salary for an insurance agent within the company is generally well over the $70,000 range. This may seem difficult for some people to achieve but it’s really not. US Health Advisors ensures all there agents are given qualified leads. With over 4 million leads to pick from agents never run out of prospective clients. Agents are also given prospecting tools and cross-selling initiatives to better their odds of success. Check:https://www.linkedin.com/company/ushealth-advisors

US Health Advisors is a rapidly growing company and is becoming a dominating force within the industry. US Health Advisors can be found in most major cities, and they are always expanding into new territories. US Health Advisors is a trustworthy company with good business ethics. They have no negative reports from the Better Business Bureau and have been highly recommended from numerous reputable sources. Whether you are looking to make a career change or become a valued client, US Health Advisors is a great family to be a part of. Learn more about  USHealth Advisors at bbb.org


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