Excelling in Business with Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a successful banker and entrepreneur that was born and raised in Switzerland. He attended Berne University and the University of Rochester for a degree in business. In 1991, he began working at the Union Bank of Switzerland at the age of 16. He helped many Swiss investors make profitable investments. He was well respected and received a promotion to apprentice when he was in his 20s. UBS was so sure of his future that they gave him a timeline of all the positions he would receive until he retired. Mike Baur ended up leaving UBS and working at Clariden Leu.

Clariden Leu was grateful to have Mike Baur as an employee. He was excellent at his job, but banking changed after a recession hit. The recession caused banking to be more stressful than enjoyable to Baur, so he decided to become an entrepreneur. In 2014 Mike Baur, Oliver Walzer, and Max Mester joined together to create this Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that is dedicated to the success of new businesses. They created the company because they realized that the amount of successful new businesses were few. They wanted to prepare new business owners before starting their business and having to close.

The Swiss Startup factory has implemented programs that help the companies excel. The Incubator is a three months program that teaches the new owners everything that they need to know. It sets them up for successful marketing. After the three months, they are tasked with putting everything that they learned into action. The Swiss Startup Factory offers them advice but lets them maneuver by themselves. They also offer the companies funding by having pitch contest. The contest allows the businesses to show their products and plan for business. The investors provide them financing if they believe their business will be a good investment.

Along with the Swiss Startup Factory Mike Baur is the Invest Managing Deputy Director for CTI and the owner of Think Reloaded. He has helped the Swiss Startup Factory gain and maintain beneficial relationships with other companies through his hard work. He has also managing to help others while helping to build his brand. Mike Baur gave up his job in banking to use the skills he developed to help people get a head start. The Swiss Startup Factory is like no other startup company in Switzerland.


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