Off The Shoulder: A USHealth Group Story

 After blowing out his shoulder playing baseball Randy Hildebrandt, a native of Texas, had to find something else to do with his life. He had decided to go into the field of business and economics that was the highest paying field out there. After graduating from A&M, he found the field wasn’t as fun as he thought it would be and had no idea what he wanted to do.

He got a call to go to an office 200 miles from where he lived. Once he finally went, there were eight other people in the room and as the presenter explained what they did, the people kept leaving until it was only Randy left. He left his resume and was later called back for an interview and was told to get his license, pass the test and then come back to USHEALTH. Follow USHealth Group on Twitter.

Even though he felt like he was close to giving up as he had no idea what USHEALTH Group was selling, he decided to find a mentor. Once he did that, he shadowed his mentor and realized that his approach to his new career had been wrong and he was trying to be a salesperson instead of someone who protected families, giving them H.O.P.E.

HOPE is the mission of advisors of USHEALTH Group, also known as USHA, which means Helping Other People Everyday. It was initiated by Troy McQuagge in 2010 when the company was just starting out. Their first project came when they organized to help Phoenix Of New Orleans, PNOLA, in after hurricane Katrina. They rebuilt homes and put in hours of razing and restoration efforts to ensure that the housing would be safe for future residents.

In 2011, USHEALTH Group provided new shoes, clothing and other surprises to a non-profit children’s shelter in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area called The Crisis Nursery. Since they believe that their business is less about commerce and more about people, they try to do something for their host cities when they have business meetings. Since taking on his insurance career at USHEALTH, Randy is now married and is a father to her son and now works as a Satellite Division Leader for USHEALTH advisors. Visit:


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