Holding back the Aging Process for the Benefit of Humanity

Aging is a part of growth and development. People are going to naturally reach an elderly stage the longer they live. No one can avoid this process. However, research is being done that is aimed at controlling the aging process. SENS is a regenerative medicine foundation that diligently strives to discover new ways to help people to remain young for a longer time. Once entrepreneur Jason Hope found out about his organization he knew that he found a good thing.Jason Hope is an entrepreneur. He works in the world of business, but he also has a solid understanding of technology and its importance to medicine. Since business is his livelihood, Hope makes it a point to stay on the cutting edge of development and technology. He takes this knowledge uses it to start new companies or to provide consultation to various enterprises that needs his guidance.

During his career, Hope realized that people could live more productively once they were free from diseases and ailments. He also wants people to delay the aging process for as long as they can. Hope does not want people to suffer just because they are up in years. Keep in mind that Hope is not living in a fantasy world where old age does not exist. He just wants people to be free from the problems that aging causes.Could you imagine being 59-years-old and still being able to compete like a 30-year-old athlete? Or do you ever think that a 78-year-old man could run the Boston Marathon and win?

The research that SENS is conducting could possibly find solutions that will allow older people to perform these very feats. Hope stands behind SENS because they could also reduce the chances of major diseases developing in old age. Ailments such as cancer, lung issues, cardiovascular problems and organ failure typically happen during the latter years of a person’s life. SENS development could also help to prevent these problems from starting at all. This would be ground breaking because the western medicine is designed more for treating conditions than preventing them. Jason Hope believes that the aging process should be held back since it will give people more time to live and improved health benefits.

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