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Randy Hildebrandt was like most people who wanted to make something of himself and find a career that he really loved. He had to navigate through a few setbacks but things ended up turning out for the best for him when he found a career with USHEALH Group.

Randy grew up with the desire to pursue a career in baseball. He looked up to Nolan Ryan, a well known baseball player who inspired Randy to do the same. After spending some time playing baseball, Randy sustained an injury to his shoulder and unfortunately had to give up the sport. A&M University was where he received his degree in business and economics. He soon realized that a career in this field wasn’t inspiring for him and he desired something more.

Shortly after posting his resume on a job search engine, Randy received a call from a recruiter who invited him to try a profession seeking insurance. Although the weekly meetings took place once a week about 200 miles away from his home, Randy decided to take a chance and give it a try. He quickly realized he would need a mentor to teach him the ropes. He was taught how to sell and how to speak with professionals and clients alike. It was these very skills that he took with him when he became a Satellite Division Leader for USHEALTH Group’s USHEALTH Advisors. Follow USHealth Group on Twitter.

USHEALTH Group has done many great works all across the United States, especially with their very important mission of HOPE. HOPE stands for Helping Other People Everyday and that exactly what they do. HOPE is responsible for assisting with the cleanup after Hurricane Katrina, and finding military personnel and their families a home. They also assisted with raising funds for children who need essential items such as food, clothing and shoes.

Randy Hildebrandt’s story of failure and success has the power to inspire many to keep pursuing the things to bring him true happiness. For more information on how to gain a career with USHEALTH Group, be sure to take a look at the company’s informative website.

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