Science & Innovation Equals Clay Siegall

There is a ton of innovative technologies that are on the market today. Innovation can be found in just about every type of industry or field of work. For cancer research, innovation is at an all-time high, and it is being used to fight some of today’s deadliest illnesses. Have you ever heard of Seattle Genetics? If you haven’t heard, then just know that this oncology company is one of the leaders in this exclusive field. The company has nearly 1,000 staff members, and it’s located in Bothell, Washington. Seattle Genetics has a firm hold on cancer research, especially when being compared to its counterparts.


Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO and the president of the company. This extraordinary guy is well-known throughout the industry, and he is one of the most well-respected guys in the business. Siegall just so happens to be one of the founding members of Seattle Genetics in which it has been around since 1998. The company’s antibody-drug conjugates are some of the most promising and efficient medications of all-time. By being entered into multiple strategic deals, these powerful medications are being used by people all across the globe. In other words, there are more than 65 countries that use Seattle Genetics’ advanced therapies. Siegall has stated that the company actually became profitable after an estimated 10 years. The sales team is actually the company’s public face since it does the selling of the products. This action could probably be the most important part of Seattle Genetics.


This company makes money in a number of ways, which is what helps to make it a stand-out. Seattle Genetics’ revenue comes via production partnerships, the selling of its proprietary medications and through the ability to license its technologies. Siegall has brought in a billion dollars through private and public fundraising, which goes back into the company for investments. All in all, this is a winning combination that has produced a winning track record.

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    Actually in the past no one gave any chance to talking about health from remote places most specially in this type of critical situations. However now we see superior papers now taking interest in this and it works to a large extend now to how we like it. Working with the innovators makes a very good feature look even better and this is what I like about the company.

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