How Talkspace is Changing the Therapy World

Everyone today has access to a smartphone. This has also made it easy for everyone to interact with each other across the globe. When one is in constant communication with other people, it tends to make other people subjected to feel miserable. More to this there has been a study which was done in South Korea where it stated more than 10 percent of teenagers that use the internet are prone to depression. These are among the reasons why apps like talk space have come up. This app has made it easy for people who are seeking professional help to get it at the touches of a button on your screen.


Talkspace is a great option rather than having to go to the office of a therapist in those Uptown places. If you need a therapist, all you need to do is just reach for your phone from your pocket, and you will get the help that you need. This app has a different option of working. From video calls to phone calls. The feature makes it easy for anyone to use the platform. You can choose which option that would work best for you. There is also the option of texting and chatting. As for today, there are about 500,000 users who have access to more than 1,000 professionals available for the users to talk to.


Talkspace has since then signed a deal Magellan Health. This has shown that this is the future of therapy. Magellan has been able to reach more people who are in need of psychotherapy Which are being provided by Talkspace. This program has made this program available to many people that it ever was before.


There are many advantages that are associated with using Talkspace for online therapy. One position is that the service is readily available on demand. There is no need first to book an appointment as it is always the case with a physical doctor. Also the services are available from any point as long as you have an internet connection. It is also easy to create a relationship with the therapist. Another advantage is that the service is much cheaper than the enormous fees that are paid to the offline therapists.

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