Cancer Treatment Centers of America Employment Opportunities

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America follows an inclusive treatment approach to cancer. The aim is to provide a uniquely enriching patient experience through personalized treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has established a presence in many locations around the USA including Atlanta, Philadelphia, Arizona, Chicago, and Tulsa. The Cancer Treatment Centers have been awarded many prizes and accolades including the Best Place to Work recognition. The centers have also been provided with numerous accreditation’s that reaffirm their commitment to providing quality cancer treatment and a hospitable environment for patients.


SVP Growth –Patient Engagement


This is a full-time job at the senior level in the Executive and Management Department. The successful candidate will serve as the Senior Vice President of Cancer Treatment Centers. You will be required to work and cooperate with a team of experts that have the patient condition right at the center of their attentive care.




The position is available in one of the Cancer Treatment Centers in Philadelphia. The job vacancy is at the CTCA Eastern Regional Medical Center. This is a full-time job in the Physician Department. The Center is looking for an experienced Nocturnist with training in multiple cancer treatment techniques. CTCA specializes in cancer treatment using integrated approaches and personalized treatment. The successful candidate will be required to provide care to adult cancer in-patients with complex manifestations of the ailment. Their duty will mainly revolve around night attention to inpatient flows, with an alternating 7 nights on and 7 nights off duty.


Coord Workforce Optimization


The vacancy is available at Schaumburg, Illinois. This is a full-time job that requires the successful candidate to provide assistance in the Business Support Department. It is a clerical job opening.


Infection Control Practitioner


The job opening is available in Philadelphia. It is a full-time job opening in the clinical professional Department. The candidate will work as the quality control expert to prevent possible incidences of infection.


Surgical Oncologist


CTCA needs a surgical Oncologist at Eastern Regional Medical Center in Philadelphia. The successful candidate will work within the physician Department.


Territory Manager, Physician Relations


CTCA requires a Territory Manager in Physician Relations. This is a full-time job in the Business Professional Department. The successful candidate will be required to access physicians for referral cases. The candidate will be deployed in the Chicagoland Area


CTCA Background Summary


CTCA network of cancer treatment centers holds the belief that there is no single absolute treatment for all cancers. Therefore, it has adopted a multiple and integrative cancer treatment strategy in all its centers. The decision is based on the knowledge that there are hundreds of ways to fight cancer. CTCA has been working on finding the ideal combination of cancer treatment methods for over 30 years. CTCA provides, arguably, some of the most advanced cancer therapies globally. The treatment is overseen by a team of cancer handling specialists.


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