Brian Torchin – The Remarkable Matchmaker

Dr. Brian Torchin is a chiropractor practitioner, recruiter and entrepreneur. He established the company HCRC Staffing, a business that matches professionals in the medical field with hospitals and clinics looking for competent individuals to fulfill the essential roles in their workforce.

After studying at the University of Delaware and receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, Brian then enrolled in New York Chiropractic College where he obtained a doctorate as a Chiropractor.

When he finished school, Torchin acquired a license and board certified chiropractor. He went on to open a successful private practice, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Using his background training, he was able to treat a variety of conditions, including shoulder, neck and back pain.

In the year 2007, Brian Torchin had an idea to create a staffing company, to provide the proper help for medical offices and hospitals. This service would allow individuals such as Medical Doctors, Nurses Practitioners, Dentists, Physical Therapist as well as Acupuncturists find employment corresponding with their skills. Read more about Brian Torchin on

The health care facilities receive the benefits of screened and qualified staff that are the perfect fit within their personnel structure. It saves them time and money and Brian is able to send employees in a short time frame, usually within four days.

He also offers consultation to his clients, if they have any questions regarding staffing and other related issues.

As you can see, this business model is a win-win situation.

It has seen incredible growth, with more than 200 clients nationwide. Other countries outside the U.S. such as Asia, Canada and Europe have taken advantage of the services Torchin have provided to the medical community.

Brian Torchin continues to use his vast knowledge in the medical and business sector, to make sure health care professionals and short-staffed medical facilities connect.

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