Dr. Mark McKenna Shapes the Future of Cosmetic Medicine

Dr. Mark Mckenna attended medical school in his hometown of New Orleans at Tulane University, but during the final years of his education, he realized that medicine wasn’t the best way to make money anymore. After viewing how his father’s medical practice was affected by the new billing and reimbursement systems, he knew he had to make some decisions. While Dr. Mark Mckenna was in medical school, he began to buy real estate with the money he made moonlighting at prisons. He made $50 hourly performing physicals and invested every penny of the money he made.

While he was building his real estate company, he worked with his father in his general practice for about 5 years before working exclusively in the real estate industry. His business quickly grew to be worth around $4 million to $5 million dollars until Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and his business. Dr. Mark Mckenna saw millions of dollars worth of his assets gone overnight in the storm. Instead of abandoning the city of New Orleans, he stayed and contributed to the rebuilding efforts by buying and renovating flooded properties that were to be leased to low income residents of the area.

Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to leave the real estate industry before the eventual crash of the market in the area. He decided to leave New Orleans and move to Atlanta when his girlfriend at the lime relocated there. When he started his new business Shape Medical Wellness Center, Dr. Mark Mckenna knew he didn’t want to deal with insurance companies like his father had to do. This is how his non-invasive cosmetic procedure center was born.

What started with one office with 2 employees in Atlanta grew to 4 locations with $4 million in revenue each year. Eventually, Dr. Mark Mckenna became the medical director in Atlanta for Lifetime Fitness after they purchased ShapeMed. When Lifetime Fitness was sold to 2 private equity firms, he made the decision to leave the company instead of staying as their national medical director. This is when he made the decision to create his newest company OVME.


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