Enhanced Athlete Is An Innovator In Fitness Industry

The Enhanced Athlete Brand is the brainchild of bodybuilder Dr. Tony Huge and is intended to provide clients with the much-needed knowledge to lose unwanted body fat and build more desirable muscle mass. The EA brand disseminates this instruction through the usage of informative video content.


Video content produced by Enhanced Athlete gives readers first-hand accounts of training methods from professional bodybuilders, as well as current news and trends circulating through the fitness community. The quality information provided by Enhanced Athlete gives its customers the opportunity to make decisions regarding their future fitness goals armed with the most truthful innovative fitness information that is available.


The Enhanced Athlete platform boasts of more than a thousand informative video and is proud of its commitment to providing both truthful and informative information. EA has forged an environment of trust and loyalty in regards to fans and followers and is looking to maintain these relationships for the long-term.


Coaching Services


The Enhanced Coaching arm of EA provides clients with tailor-made training programs that fit a customer’s goals, his or her body composition, and their commitment to time and availability. The professional on staff at Enhanced Coaching maintain an open and honest dialogue with clients while providing a variety of useful services. These services include but are not limited to, custom workout plans, a weekly telephone check-in, and a physical assessment for the client. The company provides a variety of packages to fit all fitness goal and financial investment abilities.


The Enhanced Coaching services of Enhanced Athlete also include nutritional guidance, meal planning, and even personalized meal preparation services. The company is capable of providing guidance pertaining to all elements of bodybuilding including helping clients prepare themselves for organized body-building competitions.


The Gear


Enhanced Athlete has also launched Enhanced Gear through which the company provides a variety of high-quality items of clothing to showcase their brand. Consumers that purchase Enhanced Gear will find available to them hooded sweatshirts, shorts designed for exercise, and tank tops specifically designed for high-intensity workouts. Enhanced Gear also produces hats, gym bags, shaker bottles, and other items in addition to clothing for use by customers.


Enhanced Gear believes that the desire to look good is the extra motivation needed to propel clients to the next level of their fitness goals

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