Prominent Entreprenuer and Technologist-Robert Hagele

He is the Chief Executive Officer and the Co-Founder of Advanced Tech Services(ATS). Robert Deignan is the most successful business person. Mr. Robert has achieved a lot in his services and he is considered as one of the leading distributors of first support to consumers all over the world. Advanced Tech Services has improved their credibility by connecting with AppEsteem. Robert Deignan is his in the early 70s, after his high school graduation he attended Purdue University and he graduated after four years with B.S in Organizational Leadership as well as Business Management.


After his graduation, he began his career at Fanlink where he was a co-founder in 198. Later he would serve in Is3 and was given the responsibility of an Executive Vice President. Ever since Robert co-founded Advanced Tech Services in 2011, the organization has experienced tremendous expansion with more than 1000 consumers over their phones as well as screen devices. According to Robert, customers come first and their satisfaction must key in every organization. Robert is very passionate about his career and what he does and he has taken his Advanced Tech Services to another level, and the firm has been costumed making the organization operate in a certain way to deal with their clients. Robert has also designed the firm to offer quality services, and the group has qualified technicians.


Advanced Tech Services has their Headquarters located in Boca Raton in Florida. Through Robert’s leadership, the company has gained popularity for their honesty, and other sectors including the security, as well as software vendors who continue to work with them. He is called a successful entrepreneur who is not interested in one type of business but several others among them call center for technology support where he has over 2047, as well as SlimWare Utilities with over 100 followers. Robert is a linked influencer. Robert is not a business person but he has also involved other activities. Robert loves boat and fishing. His passion has enabled him to participate in different competitions in groups and as an individual. Robert has won several awards including 79TH Annual Sailfish Derby as an angler, and Dolphin Bracket at Carolina Boat Builders Tournament.

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