Developing Your Look With Lime Crime

Now that spring has finally arrived, you can start working in some new colors and makeup trends into your daily routine. Don’t be intimidated by what you see in fashion and beauty magazines. There are some great product lines like Lime Crime, that makes this experimentation easy and a lot of fun.


Experiment With Highlighter

This is a product that is designed to really lighten your face and highlight your natural features. A lot of people are scared of using this product though. Invest in a good quality highlighter product and play around with a little at a time so you figure it out.


Play Down Your Lips

You want to make your lips matte so that you can accentuate other features of your face. If you use a matte, nude lip, you will be able to make your eyes pop much easier with very little makeup. The great thing about matte products is that they tend to last you all day without having to reapply.


Find The Right Eye Palette

The perfect product that everybody needs is a great eye palette that can be used on a daily basis. This palette should include some more nude colors but then with shades that will let you go darker and smokier for the evening if you have plans. These palettes are usually made with shades that all match each other so you can play with the colors safely without clashing anything.


Use Eyeliner

Must people try to stay away from eyeliner because they don’t have a steady hand or they don’t feel like they are skilled enough. You can practice with your eyeliner to create a defined line or something more smudged. Become an expert so you know what you are doing and you will look like you are a professional.


Find your makeup inspiration anywhere that you go. You might see a really great color at the mall. You might see someone on the street wearing an outfit that you absolutely love. Use that inspiration to create a look with makeup that will make you look unique and bring out your natural beauty. Use products from brands like Lime Crime; who care about the beauty industry by creating safe and healthy products that will make you look and feel great.

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