Achievements Record of Architect Robert Ivy

American Institute of Architects (AIA) is reputable in architectural works, and the significant impact was realized when Robert Ivy joined the institute. When he joined AIA, he was appointed to be the CEO and the executive vice president. Robert Ivy ensured that there is great awareness creation to the American public members about the architecture professional since if well managed there will be a better United States. To ensure that there is effectiveness in the works of architects he set guidelines that were strict to be adhered to by professionals.


Ivy received recognition from the MIAL to be awarded Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award as the first architect. The hard work and his contribution to the arts industry were identified and had led to changing how people perceived artwork. He has promoted the development and growth of architects making it possible for the members of the public to access. And for this reason, Robert Ivy is to be crowned with Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award for his significant contribution to the art.


The remarks from Ivy indicated that he felt honored by the award since that shows his efforts in the architecture are recognized. Other individuals in Mississippi have been given the award comprising singers, actors, and even writers. Moreover, AIA is pleased by the achievements of Ivy since that will help other architectures to be motivated and work hard throughout the country so that they can be recognized and get awarded.


Before joining AIA, Robert Ivy was the Editor in chief at McGraw Hill Publishing Company. He had a newsletter that he solely supervised and that led to making it have a global influence in the architectural field. There were numerous of awards that were awarded to McGraw since it was doing well making it possible for recommendable achievements. This is a significant impact since that shows the presence of Ivy in any firm that he joined he could leave a mark.


The management of American Institute of Architects embraces the need to equip the upcoming architects in the industry to become professionals. They are inspiring people that have passion in the architectural field that there is a bright future for the architects in this industry. The efforts of people should be recognized and awarded as a way of motivating others that are passionate to follow the steps of their role model. And with the foundation laid by MIAL for recognizing and rewarding artists in the architectural industry will attract lots of professionals in this field.


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