Jason Hope Is A Futurist Who Is Offering Us A Glimpse Into The World Of Tomorrow

Jason Hope is a futurist and entrepreneur who was born in Arizona with a desire to help the world become a better place for everyone. He is a big fan of the Internet of Things (IoT), which has to do with the network of objects that are interconnected through the internet. These objects can be smart phones, tablets, cars, smart homes, appliances, or any other object that is made better through a connection to the internet. His new eBook, “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era,” has been gaining popularity for the easy-to-understand way that he breaks down the IoT for people who are interested in learning more. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

Jason Hope has been clear about the fact that he believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a large role in the future. He has educated people about the fact that they use AI every day without even realizing they are. AI is becoming more and more helpful as the IoT spreads its wings even more, and Jason Hope expects that AI will continue to learn and become more useful. He imagines that consumers will benefit greatly from this and that the uses for AI will increase.

Jason Hope is also communicating to people that they can expect blockchain technology to continue to make the world a safer place. IBM is even working with a spread of companies to put together a collaborative project that will connect blockchain technology with the IoT. Since the blockchain makes financial transactions more secure by enabling records to be stored in more than one place, this can only be a good thing. Hope also wants people to understand that the IoT will be a good thing for marketers who will be able to harvest valuable data from users of their products in order to be able to create products or offer services that are more highly targeted to their needs.

Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He also studied at the W.P. Carey School of Business where he earned an MBA. Today, he gives back to his local community through charitable work and mentors young, hopeful entrepreneurs who might have the next greatest idea that can change the world. His passion for helping people has steered his interests towards the healthcare industry where he hopes to make an impact by donating to non-profit organizations that are working on preventing age-related diseases from ever happening.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

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