ClassDojo is a Tremendous Tool To Improve Communications

ClassDojo was the idea of two educators, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in 2011. It is a very widely used app that is designed that allows non-English speaking parents to have regular contact with the teachers of their children. It is designed to bridge the gap of the language differences between parents and teachers.


With ClassDojo, parents can have access to their children’s work from school in real-time or otherwise. While it is an excellent learning tool for students, it also gives parents a real-time view of activities and projects at school. When parents become involved in their student’s schoolwork, good things begin to happen. Students take pride in their accomplishments and parents are there to cheer them on.


ClassDojo is currently available in 90 percent of American schools and in over 180 countries in 35 different languages. The merit of having openness in the classroom when it comes to involving the parents has been proven time and time again. Pictures, videos, and all sorts of other things can be loaded and transmitted on the platform and it gives the teachers a great deal of latitude in showing what activities are occurring in the classroom.


For example, if a student has a math exercise to complete in class, it can also be made available in real-time to the parents at home. If the exercise goes well, everyone is happy. if there are difficulties, parents can help at home with teacher inspired instructions.


If parents have a question they can simply communicate with the teacher via the platform as well as the teacher sending a communication to the parent. There is a great deal of transparency and freedom with the ClassDojo app, which gives everyone involved a healthy sense of ownership in the project.


The entire ClassDojo process creates a trust and cooperation that bodes well for the students. If a student is aware that parents are looking in while they work, they are more apt to try harder and do better. When all three parties cooperate in a positive way, the student benefits because he or she is receiving more positive feedback and encouragement.

One thought on “ClassDojo is a Tremendous Tool To Improve Communications

  • by Delilah Alfonso This is post author

    SO good an application I must say because for the performance of a students to become top notch there are parties that needs to play important roles. I see a much improved standard with because some of the challenges that most parent, teachers and students normally is been addressed by ClassDojo which is really good for standard to go up.

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