Ara Chakerian Is The Founder Of TMS Health Solutions

Ara Chakerian is a passionate philanthropist who has had great success as an investor and entrepreneur. He is one of the partners of ASC Capital Holdings. ASC Capital Holdings is a lead investor in early-stage healthcare companies. Chakerian also founded TMS Health Solutions in order to perform as a treatment provider for patients that are suffering from resistant depression.


Ara Chakerian has been a successful businessman for many years. He invests in intelligent opportunities within the healthcare industry. Ara observed many alarming traits about the Healthcare System and decided to make a change. He came up with the concept of TMS Solutions. Doctors have traditionally had a tough time running clinics when it comes to accepting different types of insurance. Chakerian educated himself on the limited insurance coverage policies and implemented a method to help patients obtain the type of service that they expected from doctors.


TMS Solutions has added seven more clinics in San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas. Each of these offices are equipped with consult and treatment rooms. They were designed by Josh Heitler and intended to give the patient a feeling of serenity. Chakerian felt that it was important to have visitors of the clinics feel relaxed and comfortable since they suffer from psychiatric disorders. The positive experience is expected to elevate the brand and develop a following among those in need of healthcare. For more details visit Vimeo.



Ara Chakerian does not allow himself to be enslaved by to-do list. He prefers to let the day develop as he goes along. Ara is then able to prioritize all of his activities that include business, philanthropy and personal affairs. Work ideas come from life experience and Ara Chakerian has applied his vision very carefully. He monitors friends and business partners being careful not to mix the two in order to avoid unfortunate circumstances. You can check out their Facebook page.


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