Brian Torchin Revolutionizes Staffing Market for Healthcare

CEO Brian Torchin of HCRC Staffing matches talented medical professionals with high demanding positions in the medical field. At present the medical industry is rife with high turn-over rates and employment shortages. HCRC find solutions by providing institutions with talented nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. HCRC operates as a full-service agency and also offers resources for legal staffing as well.

Brian Torchin is very active in the medical field’s marketing and hiring. He has authored numerous articles on the stresses present medical professionals go through. CNN even featured him as one of the Best Health Recruiters in the U.S. Before becoming CEO of HCRC, Torchin was director of Medical Marketing for Practice Management Inc. Torchin also has a Chiropractic degree from the Chiropractic College of New York. Read more at about Brian Torchin

Torchin utilizes some unusual tactics to provide organizations the staff they need. Although such steps are little unorthodox they have set Torchin apart as someone who gets results. First off his company is equipped with an in-house medial staff that an assist clients with every aspect of the hiring process. They even help form the contracts. The response time is very fast, with each employer request receiving a list of qualified candidates for the job. These candidates are selected through a series of intense phone interviews. This pre-screening process takes place before the candidate names are given to the employer, so that the list presented to them has already been vetted. There are no up front fees to clients so using the service is risk free. The only time clients are charged is when they hire an applicant that has been presented to them. This makes the process painless, adds benefit to both employee and employer, and creates interest for prospective medical professionals looking for positions. Ideal, considering Torchin’s understanding of the stress employment currently causes.

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