Come to Upolu, and Come to Paradise

From beautiful mountains to stunning deep sea pools, from untouched forests to white sand beach, from the big city to small coastal villages the beautiful Island of Upolu has something from everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a history buff, a cultural hawk, a food aficionado, or just a beach bum, this remarkable island offers everything that you could want from a South Pacific vacation spot, but with fewer crowds and a much smaller price tag.


Upolu is the smaller of the two major islands that make up the Samoan Archipelago. The larger island of Savai’i, which serves as the capital of the nation of Samoa, is nearby. On Upolu, the largest city is the island capital of Apia. Apia is located on the northern coast and is the center of culture, commerce, and tourism. Here you will find major museums, large hotels, gourmet dining, and world-class shopping. Just outside of town you will be able to enjoy amazing golf at the Royal Samoan Golf Course. Apai is also the location of the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. The museum is located in the world-renowned writer’s massive mansion. He loved Upolu and Samoan people so much that he forsook his native Scotland to take up residence on the island, and is even buried there on a hilltop overlooking his beloved former estate and the beauty of the island’s interior beyond. Learn more about Fagali Airport at


The main reason to visit the South Pacific is, of course, the beautiful white sand beaches and Upolu has no shortage of those. There are also sea pools, tidal ponds, and blue lagoons to explore and enjoy. No matter if you like to scuba, skin dive, snorkel, wade, or just laze away on the beach with a book on your iPad you will find the perfect spot to do it on Upolu. In the evenings, you can dance the night away at the clubs, catch a show, or enjoy other amazing nightlife activities in Apia.


Getting to Upolu is easy, the island has its own world-class airport Fagali’i. Fagali’I is also known as the “little miracle” airport, as well as “gateway to paradise”. The main arrival and departure location on the island, and the only outlet for air travel, Fagali’I serves not only the needs of the tourists who visit every year but also the local inhabitants of Upolu. Several airlines offer inter-island service via Fagali’I and there is connection service to international flights via shuttle flights to Pago Pago and American Samoa.


Why take your next vacation to one of those overplayed, overprices, and overcrowded spots in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. The South Pacific has always been a great choice, and you can get a lot more vacation for your time and money to be sure. Come to Upolu and know what it means to visit paradise on earth.



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