Career Achievements of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon has made a name for himself through the notable developments he has brought to OSI Group. He became actively involved in the operations of the OSI Group in the early 1970`s. Lavin is today the current chief executive officer of the firm and his ability to lead the firm towards being the leading food providers in the world has seen him receive a lot of accreditation. He has served in the industry for over 43 years through which he has perfected his knowledge.


Sheldon Lavin started his career as a financialist, and he was always passionate about owning his enterprise. He served many other executive roles in various banking institutions in the United States before he later joined OSI Industries. He has risen over the ranks to his current one, and his successes have been attributed to his dedication to achieving the best.


Sheldon Lavin is a real definition of a talented and passionate leader. He transformed a small McDonald food outlet into one of the largest food providers in the world through the adoption of great approaches to attract customers. Besides being entirely dedicated towards his career, Sheldon Lavin is also passionate about working together with other people. He strives to share ideas with his team of employees with the aim of helping them, improve their skills.


The renowned entrepreneur believes that persistence is critical when it comes to the field of business. He insists that Rome was not built in a single day and he always strives to give his best for future success. Besides, he also shares ideas with successful entrepreneurs and firm executives with the aim of learning skills to build his career.



Sheldon Lavin believes in the importance of teamwork and his effort to lead OSI Group towards its success were noted in the early days of his career when he fully participated in its acquisition of various food branches both in North America and Europe. OSI Group has today established many of its subsidiaries in South Africa, Japan, Australia, and many other countries. Being an international firm, the firm’s executives have striven to upgrade their skills to maintain their excellent reputation.

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