Pleasures In Polynesia

Travelers are often in the position of having to spend time in airports. Weather as well as a host of other issues can cause delays. It is always a good idea to check into any airport, where you might not have been before, to find out what kind of activities there are that can keep you busy during a layover, or other sort of delay.

Fagali Airport, located in Apia, Samoa, has some interesting options for travelers spending time there.

There is a wonderful restaurant, right at the airport, called “The Deck,” which as the name lends, has an outdoor eating space allowing diners to enjoy the atmosphere, weather and views while they dine. The Fagali Airport restaurant staff is very friendly and ready to help with any concerns, or perhaps to plan your post-dinner entertainment. It is always a good idea to check with the knowledgeable staff for good ideas on local hotspots.

If you find yourself in Samoa, at the Fagali Airport at night, you are all but guaranteed to find great fun by going to FiaFia Night according to Watching this contemporary and extravagant dance show, travelers will quickly understand why the translation of the name is “happy get-together.” Women perform the traditional Siva dance and men perform the “Faataupati,” which is a clapping dance. The final dance, Taulauga, is great fun for guests as they are encouraged to join in and learn some dance moves. It is all together a spirited show and one that should not be missed when in Samoa.


The Samoan Islands, the largest of the Polynesian Islands, are located in the Pacific Ocean. Snorkeling and scuba diving are always on the menu of local favorite activities for visitors. There are guided snorkeling tours that will take snorkelers through places of interest as well as draw their attention to local species. Scuba diving, in this part of the world, is a true treat. Snorkeling, for the novice, will get you prepared for scuba diving, which goes far deeper into the ocean than a snorkeling tour.

There is no shortage of entertainment in and around the Fagali Airport, including yoga hiking tours, that should not be missed. Vacations should always be one part action and one part relaxation. Both agendas can be adequately satisfied in beautiful Polynesia.

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    Many travelers never get to know what is happening around Fagali Airport, this is because of certain circumstances. Many travelers are too focused on their journey that never give time to themselves to acquaint with the environment. Well you have been missing a lot if you have not been to these places when you visit Fagali Airport. But you can click here to learn more of these places and what makes them so special that next time you visit Fagali Airport, you will find time to be in these places.

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