“The Chain Smokers”…The Electronic/Dance Wizards

If your looking for a cool, hip, upbeat but laid back vibe, slightly electric and eclectic, new age sound… Look no further than the amazing group ,”The Chain Smokers”. An amazing Dance/Electronic group consisting of producer and D.J. tag team Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The groups music catalog stretches back to 2013 creating a new buzz for the group which attracted international Mainstream attention. The duo started out doing remixes and “b-sides” for various artists before totally perfecting the groups sound eventually inking a deal. Songs such as “Selfie”, and “Let you go”, are among some of their most classic material to date. The group itself describes its sound as “a fuse of pop music, dance, hip-hop, and rock”.


Astonishingly, The group topped the Dance Billboard 100, making them the first dance act in quite some time to do so. Over three years to be exact! The groups new album which goes by the unique title of “Memories…Do Not Open”, soared to the top of the charts, more interesting, is the first album to actually manage to reach the top of both Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart as well as the prestigious Billboard 200. In an interview with Bill Board 100, the group humbly spoke on the time, effort, and detail that went into the making of the project. They also laughed as they looked back the humble beginnings of not even ‘cracking the list’. The Chain Smokers have also been quite known to collaborate in some of the most abstract and creative music videos such as the innovative video for the groups hot new single ,“Side Effects,” featuring Emily Warren. A smooth, funky, upbeat, melodic house type of rhythm, making this the fifth song from the album to be released and enjoyed widespread mainstream success. The Chain smokers will be doing a light tour performing some of their greats!




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