Monthly Archives: October 2018

Stream Energy puts their Best Foot Forward to help their Community

Stream Energy is a direct seller of energy, and sales associates are responsible for developing clients for a variety of products and services. Stream offers a variety of products and services that include clean energy, virtual doctors, mobile phones and fixed rate energy.   Stream Energy also wears a philanthropic hat hat proudly and established [Continue]

Marc Beer’s Renovia Receives Additional Funding For Pelvic Floor Disorders

Pelvic floor disorders affect millions of women with pain and other symptoms around the world. Marc Beer is working to fight these disorders through Renovia Inc, which works to develop and deliver devices that are used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. In order to help Renovia meet their goals, they were able to complete [Continue]

Southridge Capital: A Crypto Future

Southridge is a financial firm that believes in the right startup companies to invest in. Many companies have come to them seeking advice about going public or obtaining financing. The company also likes to stay on the top trends that are the most profitable in the market. One area that the company feels is making [Continue]