Southridge Capital: A Crypto Future

Southridge is a financial firm that believes in the right startup companies to invest in. Many companies have come to them seeking advice about going public or obtaining financing. The company also likes to stay on the top trends that are the most profitable in the market. One area that the company feels is making waves in the financial world is cryptocurrency. Most individuals have at least heard of Bitcoin and a few of the more popular cryptocurrencies, however, they may not understand the blockchain technology and how it is going to change the way people do business. Bitcoin grew in popularity as merchants started to accept it as a form of payment. Now governments and some of the largest corporations in the world recognize that cryptocurrencies are revolutionary, and they are developing new blockchain applications for their everyday operations.


Once Bitcoin and the other cryptos hit a market cap of over $300 billion, the big banks began to explore ways to adopt Bitcoin to conduct business. Southridge Capital has kept up with the developments of how more and more corporations are going to begin using cryptocurrencies. The CME Group was one of the first institutions that gave their clients the option of buying or shorting Bitcoin in the futures market. An area outside of finance that has seen some crypto action is in real estate. One man who is bullish on the cryptos is Rick Hilton. He recently placed a Roman mansion for sale worth $38 million and he was trying to sell it for cryptocurrency. Mr. Hilton uses Propy to sell real estate. Propy is a real estate platform that has already adopted blockchain technology.


The founder of Southridge Capital is Steven Hicks. He got the idea to start his own company after the hedge fund he worked at in New York closed. The principal of the fund moved back to Australia, but while he was closing the fund, he allowed Mr. Hicks to begin the process of starting his own hedge fund. Steven Hicks feels very bullish about the future of cryptocurrencies, as well as the marijuana industry. You can visit their Facebook and Twitter page.


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