Marc Beer’s Renovia Receives Additional Funding For Pelvic Floor Disorders

Pelvic floor disorders affect millions of women with pain and other symptoms around the world. Marc Beer is working to fight these disorders through Renovia Inc, which works to develop and deliver devices that are used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. In order to help Renovia meet their goals, they were able to complete a round of B Series financing that netted Marc Beer’s company around $42.3 million.


Marc Beer is excited to have received this level of support from investors that are leaders in the healthcare industry. With so many women being affected every day by these disorders, it’s important to find new ways to improve their lives in whatever way they can. Marc Beer is the CEO, Chairman, and co-founder of Renovia and is passionate about what the company is doing to improve women’s health. Currently, there are 3 health networks that are leaders in the field that Renovia is prepared to partner with.


The technology behind Renovia’s innovations includes sensor technologies that are exclusive to Renovia. By being able to gather this data about the disorder and the effects that it has, Marc Beer believes that they will be able to make significant changes in how pelvic floor disorders are approached and treated. With this round of funding and new business connections, Marc Beer believes that they will be able to advance the vision of Renovia both in a commercial and clinical sense.


One of the most common symptoms that comes with pelvic floor disorders is urinary incontinence. While it effects those with pelvic floor disorders, it is also a problem that comes with different disorders. For those who are affected by urinary incontinence, it can be a devastating burden. With the efforts of Renovia and Marc Beer, some of this pain and embarrassment may be able to be alleviated for patients around the world. Learn more:


Marc Beer founded Renovia alongside Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias, MD in 2016. Before co-founding Renovia, Marc Beer acted as the chief executive officer of Auegerion Pharmaceuticals. Aegerion brought its first product to the market in December 2012. Designed to treat homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, JUXTAPID was given approval by the FDA and 36 countries. Shortly after, approval was granted fro MYALEPT to treat the rare disease lipodystrophy.


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