Stream Energy puts their Best Foot Forward to help their Community

Stream Energy is a direct seller of energy, and sales associates are responsible for developing clients for a variety of products and services. Stream offers a variety of products and services that include clean energy, virtual doctors, mobile phones and fixed rate energy.


Stream Energy also wears a philanthropic hat hat proudly and established the Stream Cates Foundation. The foundation works to serve those that need a helping hand. The company is very concerned about homelessness. The employees OS Stream participate in homeless tracking events and have noticed in uptick in such individuals. Stream works with Hope Supply, CO., to sponsor events for homeless families, especially children. One such event is the annual Splash for Hope where children are treated to a day of fun at a local water park complete with lunch. Hope Energy, along with Stream Energy, also provide school supplies, clothes and diapers for children.


Stream was one of the first companies to step up and help after Hurricane Harvey. The Houston, Texas area experienced massive flooding that not only destroyed property, but lives. The company not only reached out to the community to help those devastated by the weather event, but to help their neighbors. It is important to Stream Energy to be able to give back some of the goodness they received and to take care of their fellow man.


Stream Cares has established a working relationship with the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Not only does the company support such philanthropic efforts financially, but the company associates support such efforts. The company, both management and individuals support such efforts with time, energy, effort and muscle. After the 2016 Texas Tornado, Stream Energy worked with the Salvation Army and raised funds for those who lost homes, as well as businesses. Stream matched donations that were brought in by the sales associates and helped to make life better for those affected.


Stream Energy worked with Once in a Lifetime by providing financial support to Veterans in the Dallas, Texas area. The company donated transportation to Veterans and their families allowing them to enjoy a special dinner at a local restaurant.

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