How TMS Health Solutions Helps Patients As An Alternative Treatment To Clinical Depression

Not everyone who seeks out help for depression finds relief with talk therapy and medication. In fact, 40 percent of people who have clinical depression have a treatment-resistant form where they therapies don’t work very effectively or at all. There is hope for these, people, though.

In the Bay Area of California, there is a business called TMS Health Solutions. This company treats patients who have clinical depression with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). The patient has sessions where a medical device is placed over the top of their head that sends magnetic waves into the part of the brain that causes depression. Over several visits, their depression clears and up they are able to enjoy life once again without having to take any medications.

TMS Solutions has two offices in San Francisco and others in Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Oakland, and Burlingame. They are also opening an office in November in Walnut Creek. They were founded in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermudes who wanted to treat patients who were not responding to traditional methods of therapy. He’s passionate about TMS and even wrote a book on the subject that was published in 2018 by the American Psychiatric Association.

People should know that most insurance plans cover this form of treatment for chronic depression. For those plans that don’t cover it the team at TMS Health Solutions will advocate for coverage with their patient’s healthcare provider. If that doesn’t work out they will help their patient find financial assistance to pay for their treatment.


At TMS Solutions they will partner with a therapist, primary care provider, or psychiatrist that their patient is working with. They will develop a treatment plan, gather any health records or other information that is needed, and provide feedback to referring clinicians as a patient is treated.

The CDC states that somewhere between 14-17 of the American adult population will develop Major Depressive Disorder during their lifetime. If the traditional method of seeking care for this condition is unsuccessful the team at TMS Health Solutions stands ready to provide their assistance.

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