ClassDojo To Launch A Subscription-Based App For Parents In 2019

ClassDojo was launched in August 2011, and it recently announced its plan to sustain the model of not charging teachers and school for the app. Despite not making any revenue since its foundation, ClassDojo managed to gather large numbers, with 1 teacher using the app in 95% of elementary and middle schools in the United States. In addition, the app claims that 1 in 6 families that have a child under the age of 14 are using the app daily.

In an attempt to maintain the app free of charge for schools and teachers, ClassDojo announced a monthly subscription service designed for parents to use at home with their children, labeled “ClassDojo Beyond School”. Through its features, the app’s mission is to help parents connect with their kids through meditation, reflection activities, mindfulness exercises, and also a feedback tool designed to reward positive habits at home using digital points. When talking about “ClassDojo Beyond School”, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sam Chaudhary noted that due to the fact that kids are spending half their days at home, there are plenty of learning opportunities, with the app’s mission being to help parents turn them into learning experiences.

Through the app’s points system, the kids can be rewarded for watching videos or decorating avatars, with the activities being short and taking no more than a few minutes. Besides the points system, Beyond School also includes a video guide which will guide parents through the meditation and mindfulness exercise they can do with their kids.

Despite the lack of revenue, ClassDojo has been active for 7 years, which Chaudhary notes is as a result of the patience of the company’s investors. The company managed to raise over $31 million from a number of investors, and the CEO points out that the money has been managed a conservative rate, by keeping the number of team members small and skimping on advertising and marketing. Beyond School started being piloted by the company in September, and the app will be available in February of 2019. While there is no price tag for the monthly subscription at the moment, the company notes that it will be a single-digit figure per month.

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