Peter Briger: Formulating Strategies for the Fortress Investment Group

Established in 1998, the Fortress Investment Group is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. The company has been recognized as a leader when it comes to private equity management, and according to the company, one of the reasons why they became successful is because of the people that they hired. Peter Briger, an entrepreneur from California who moved to the East Coast, serves as one of the company’s principals, and he has been contributing a lot to the company ever since he joined them back in the early 2000s. Currently, he is also holding the position as the co-chairman of the Fortress Investment Group’s board of directors. His decision to join the company in 2002 was one of the best choices he made in his life because he was able to develop his skills in the financial sector while gaining additional experiences in the industry. More about of Peter Briger at Bloomberg


Before he joined the Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger was working with Goldman Sachs and Co. He was working with the premier financial institution for six years before deciding to transfer to another company. His contributions to the Fortress Investment Group includes various strategies that he introduced which made the company viable, as well as pushing the company to new heights and influencing other people in the management team to support their bid of introducing the company’s IPO. Peter Briger’s ability to transform the private equity firm was paid off when he was listed as one of America’s top businessmen.


During the economic crisis of 2008, Peter Briger was among the first ones to develop a counter-strategy that would allow the Fortress Investment Group to go through the recession. This new strategies that he developed allowed the company to survive the economic recession, and because of the performance that they demonstrated during this period, many business organizations decided to decorate them with awards and recognition. Peter Briger continues to serve the company and providing additional strategies that would help them beat the odds. When the Softbank Group decided to acquire the private equity firm in 2017 for $3 billion, he is among those who are in favor with the procedure, saying that it will be beneficial for the company, making them more influential in the financial sector. Learn more:



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