Rebel Wilson

This Valentine’s Day, enjoy the new, self aware romantic comedy, Isn’t it Romantic, starring Rebel Wilson. Wilson is well known for her roles in Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids.


The comedy features Wilson as Natalie, a female architect living in New York. She struggles to get noticed at her job, causing her to work extra hard. The role seems to parallel Rebel’s actual life. Following her big break in Pitch Perfect, she has poured her all into the roles she has done since. However, this female comedian did not have to try as hard as Natalie to win the hearts of America. Her sense of humor is very fresh in the media today.


One day when Natalie gets caught up in a subway mugging, things get very strange. Suddenly her trip to the “emergency room” turns into a beautiful suite, with flowers and quite the charming gentleman. Things only seem to get stranger from there. Her whole apartment changes into a luxurious suite filled with every shoe, dress, and gorgeous view a woman could imagine. Natalie can tell something has gone horribly wrong. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and


Her worst nightmares seem to be brought to life as she realizes that she is now trapped inside a romantic comedy, and she has been cast as the lead. Even worse, it is PG-13. Another way that Natalie seems to parallel Miss Wilson. Both are very outspoken ladies, which is a breathe of fresh air in media today. It is nice to see ladies who are more assertive in roles, and not just the support to the lead (though that is fine too).


Rebel Wilson has truly transformed in front of our eyes. She has shared stories of her earlier years in Australia. From being a shy and awkward teenager, much like many of us, to her transformation into an empowering teen feminist. Wilson has said how lucky she was to be in an all girls school that encouraged women to have careers and be go-getters.


She has continued this into her own work, as she encourages many young women to be who they want. It is clear in how she has opted in to a healthier lifestyle, without flaunting her weight loss. She does, however, remind us that a desert wouldn’t kill us. And what’s life without a few sweets, anyway? Also, she reminds us that being an independent woman is very acceptable, and a man isn’t needed to make us successful. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram


With such a good cast (having co-stars of Liam Hemsworth, Tom Ellis, and Priyanka Chopra) and a twist on such a classic Valentine’s story, Isn’t it Romantic is a must see! It will hit theaters, in the United States, on February 14, 2019.

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