Fortress Investment Group Moves Into Yet Another Exciting Territory of Operation In The Wake Of The SoftBank Acquisition

In the pair of decades that it has been in operation, Fortress Investment Group has risen to become one of the most innovative and forward-thinking firms in the world of alternative asset management. The firm’s beginnings are in the hedge fund realm and Fortress Investment Group is highly notable as being the first firm of its type to put up a public offering. This was during the 2007 calendar year. All of this massive success out of Fortress Investment made it the type of company that was highly coveted by Japanese mega-conglomerate SoftBank. This has led to the Japanese powerhouse acquiring Fortress Investment Group, one of the biggest transactions in the financial industry in years. Fortress now looks forward to a continued bright future with one of the world’s most powerful companies backing it up. This makes for the perfect time for the team at Fortress to dive into a new and exciting project. Visit


This new and exciting project that Fortress Investment Group is jumping into is none other than a massive new deal on the real estate front. The company is partnering with L&L Holding Company as well as a company known by the name of Maefield Development to work on a project called TSX Broadway. This will result in the creation of a massive development deal for a hotel as well as entertainment and retail space all in downtown Manhattan. This project looks to be sure to be a major trendsetter going forward and a huge profit-generating project for all involved.


Fortress Investment Group officials have a date of the 2021 calendar year slated as the completion mark for this exciting new project that includes a fabulous 46 story building. This structure will be adjacent to the beloved Palace Theater and this theater will be fully restored to look like it did during its original heyday. There will also be significant work in the area of signage that will be involved in the project. This is only fitting considering that its Times Square location is world famous for its innovative and eye-catching signage. Overall, the team at Fortress are extremely excited about this latest development that is sure to only add to the company’s rich tradition of success.



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