OSI Group President David McDonald shares the reason behind their success

President of OSI Group David McDonald is one of the most revered and respected executives in the food industry. As President of one of the largest food providers, David Mcdonald has been a key component in the progression of OSI’s presence overseas. However, his end goal has always been that of the companies original goal of providing a high-quality product to the public. In a sit-down interview with David McDonald, we get to delve deeper into how he’s made OSI Group such a success in the past three decades that he’s been with the company.


How has the ability to have such a large workforce contributed to your success?


McDonald states that the ability to have such a large staff of employees is crucial in making sure that overseas partnerships are ultimately successful. The benefit of having these partnerships is that they are experts within their local areas and increase the success rate we have in that market. Read this article at foodbusinessnews.net to learn more.


What is the reason for the huge success OSI has had in China?


The success in the Chinese market comes from years of learning about the culture as well as being very patient in order to gain their trust, says David McDonald. Furthermore, remaining true to the principles of OSI Group allowed us to present to them high-quality goods that are now being enjoyed today across the country.


How does OSI Group motivate employees to be innovative?


David comments that OSI has nothing to do with the incredible innovation shown be their employees, in fact, it is the customers who motivate our teams to improve. This can be seen as a simple menu request by one of our clients but our team gets right to work to deliver an above and beyond product for them.


How do you maintain your high-standards?


David McDonald says that clients are like family for OSI Group, and if we wouldn’t serve our food to our family then it will certainly not be served to our customers.

Learn more: http://www.fooddrink-magazine.com/sections/producers/1308-osi-group


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